Why Brute Force Will Kill Your Outreach Efforts

Recently, several LinkedIn posts have advocated for SDRs to engage in high-volume outbound activities—such as 10,000 units of outbound per month. This approach, rooted in an outdated sales model, often leads to a loss of trust and credibility with buyers. It’s time to rethink our strategies and focus on genuine personalization.


The Dangers of Brute Force

The brute force method of maximizing outbound activities is outdated and counterproductive. This high-velocity, low-ACV approach might work for products with short sales cycles, but it risks alienating potential customers and diminishing long-term success.


Model 1: Maximize Channel Activity


  • Maximize LinkedIn connects (200/week)
  • Maximize dials (500/week)
  • Maximize emails/account (1,000/week)


This approach might have worked when markets were less saturated and demand was easier to capture, but in today’s environment, it can damage your credibility and frustrate potential buyers.

The Case for Personalization

Instead of focusing on quantity, modern sales strategies should prioritize building trust and understanding the buyer's needs. This involves thorough research, presenting oneself as a valuable resource, and solving targeted problems.


Model 2: Maximizing Trust


  • Research and understand pain points
  • Present yourself as a resource to the buyer
  • Build relationships
  • Solve relevant and targeted problems
  • Avoid maximizing outbound activities

This personalized approach, traditionally used by Account-Based Marketing (ABM) for high-ACV products, is now essential across all solutions. It fosters strategic conversations and enables demand creation or inception.

By The Numbers

Why Quantity Over Quality Fails

  • 3%

    Only 3% of salespeople are happy with their email response rate.

  • 91%

    Of buyers feel sellers don't understand their needs

  • 2%

    Traditional cold calling has a 2% average success rate.



    The brute force method of maximizing outbound activities is outdated and counterproductive. Instead, adopting a personalized approach leads to more meaningful engagements and long-term success. Research your prospects, understand their needs, and present yourself as a valuable resource. This strategy not only benefits your sales goals but also builds lasting trust and credibility with your buyers.


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