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We built Revium with the core purpose of helping other businesses flourish.

Our Founding

Revium was founded in 2017 by Patrick Rhatigan, a seasoned sales consultant who consistently witnessed high-potential companies struggle due to ineffective sales strategies. Determined to level the playing field, Patrick established Revium (formerly known as 10G) with the mission of empowering businesses to reach their true potential.

Our Evolution

Started as an outsourced sales provider, we experienced firsthand the challenges and frustrations with existing sales technologies. This taught us the immense value of essential sales tools. In 2024 we have launched our own comprehensive sales platform, integrating AI-powered technology to enhance sales team efficiency and conversion rates. Our platform is built for salespeople by salespeople, addressing every frustration from SDRs to leadership.

Our Mission: To level the playing field and empower businesses to reach their true potential

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