Beyond The Template: Why You Need to Ditch Templated Email Copy Today

If you are still using templated emails for your outreach you are in a world of trouble. It’s the quickest way to send out mass email but it is going to cost you in the long run. 

10 Reasons Why Using Templated Emails Will Land You in Trouble


  1. Low Engagement Rates: Templated emails often feel generic and fail to engage recipients, leading to low response rates. Personalized increases reply rates by 3x
  2. Damaged Personal Credibility: Prospects can easily spot a template, which can harm your own reputation and erode trust.
  3. Negative Brand Perception: Consistent use of templated emails can create a negative perception of your brand as impersonal and pushy.
  4. Poor Deliverability: High volumes of similar emails can hurt your domain's deliverability, reducing the chance of future emails reaching inboxes.
  5. Spam Filters: Email providers like Google easily detect templated content, increasing the likelihood of your emails being marked as spam.
  6. Lacking Personal Connection: Templated emails don’t create that personal connection, which is crucial for building relationships.
  7. Generic Messaging: Simple changes in variables don’t address the specific needs and pain points of each prospect.
  8. Increased Unsubscribes: Recipients may unsubscribe if they feel they are receiving generic, irrelevant content. This is shrinking your audience for the next engagement.
  9. Compliance Issues: Sending mass emails without proper personalization can run afoul of email marketing regulations.
  10. Wasted Opportunities: Failing to tailor your message means missing the chance to make a meaningful impact on potential high-value clients.


By moving beyond templates and investing in true personalization, you can avoid these pitfalls and achieve more effective and meaningful outreach. To elaborate on the points above, the issues fall into three different buckets. 


Deliverability Issues and Market Impact:

Templated emails can wreak havoc on your deliverability. As tech giants like Google tighten their spam filters to clean up inboxes, mass emails are increasingly flagged as junk. This burns through your total addressable market (TAM), reducing future opportunities. Once your domain's reputation is tarnished, it's challenging to reach prospects, making it difficult to use these channels for mass marketing again.


The Prospect’s Perspective:

Prospects are inundated with templated emails daily. This bombardment leads to an arms race to the bottom, where low-entry barriers mean everyone is doing it. Consequently, trust in unsolicited emails plummets, making open rates and engagement harder to achieve. Executives, overwhelmed by the flood of generic messages, increasingly tune out mass marketing. To stand out, your outreach must be authentic and meaningful, requiring a strategic approach that resonates personally with the recipient.


Impact on Salespeople and Companies:

For salespeople and their companies, generic messaging can severely damage personal and brand reputations. Consider a prospect who chose Revium over a competitor because the latter bombarded him with generic emails. He reasoned that if they treated him, a potential client, with such disregard, they would likely represent his company poorly. This competitor’s approach tarnished their brand credibility, underscoring the importance of personalized, thoughtful communication in building and maintaining trust.


Setting Up for True Personalization

To truly personalize your outreach, start small and focus on quality over quantity. Research your prospects in depth:

  1. The Human:Investigate their professional background, interests, and connections on LinkedIn. Understand their career trajectory, achievements, and personal interests.
  2. The Company: Review the company’s website, press releases, and any public-facing content. Look for recent initiatives, key challenges, and executive insights.
  3. The Space:  Understand the industry trends, challenges, and terminology.



How Many Prospects to Target

Aim to personalize emails for no more than 30-50 prospects per day to ensure each message is genuinely tailored. If a rep is sending more than 60 unique cold emails daily, they must be cautious with domain deliverability and add nuance to their outreach by incorporating multi-channel strategies like LinkedIn, calling, and in-person meetings.


Beyond the Template: Sustainable Personalization

Spray-and-pray tactics are like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks—it’s chaotic, messy, and rarely yields good results. Instead, focus on sustainable personalization:

  • Internally: Train your team to conduct thorough research and craft personalized messages. Put in a framework to build upon and aim to streamline the process and enhance efficiency over time. 
  • Externally: If you need to scale your outreach, consider expanding your team with skilled copywriters or leveraging advanced technology like Revium to maintain quality and effectiveness.

The Case for Revium

Revium is designed to automate and enhance the personalization process, making it more efficient and effective. Here's how Revium aids personalization:

  1. Automated Research: Revium gathers key information from LinkedIn, company websites, Google searches, YouTube videos, and podcasts, ensuring you have the most relevant data at your fingertips.
  2. Actionable Insights: Revium identifies relevant data points for personalized outreach, turning raw information into actionable insights that can be used to craft highly personalized messages.
  3. Sales Copy Generation: Revium's AI-powered platform generates personalized sales copy, incorporating the gathered insights to ensure each email resonates with the recipient on a personal level.
  4. Efficiency and Scale: By automating the research and personalization process, Revium reduces the time needed to personalize emails by 94%, allowing sales teams to focus on building relationships and closing deals.



The era of templated email copy is over. To succeed in today’s sales environment, you must adopt a truly personalized approach. This means going beyond changing a few variables and investing time and resources into understanding your prospects and crafting messages that genuinely resonate. By focusing on quality over quantity and leveraging advanced tools like Revium, you can build meaningful connections and drive better sales results.

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