Workshops & Advisory

Our workshops and advisory practices enable you to leverage the extensive experience of our leadership team to enhance your skills and convert opportunities to revenue.

From startups to titans, our team has experience working across industries, and in a variety of situations. Our workshops and advisory services are purpose-built to provide you with the diagnostic tools needed to make proactive, data-driven decisions to maximize your revenue potential.

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Our workshops — which typically run for a half day — are designed to help sharpen your skills in a specific area to help you close that deal.


Call Mastery

  • Setting your discovery call goals
  • Prospect personality assessments and scoring
  • Calibrated questions

a Pitch

  • Existing pitch review
  • Tailoring the pitch to your prospect
  • Honing your narrative


  • Advanced objection handling tools
  • Senior negotiation tactics
  • Overcoming red-herring questions


  • Designing effective compensation structures and targets
  • Hiring for sustainable growth
  • Managing underperforming salespeople

Advisory & Coaching

Our advisory practice is led by our founder and CEO, Patrick Rhatigan, and COO, Neil Coleman. Both Patrick and Neil have been working in the sales industry for over 15 years and each brings unique experience to the table. From scaling early-stage startups through hyper-growth to late-stage profitable businesses, participating in IPOs and acquisitions and working at tech giants such as Google and Snap, their distinct but complementary experience gives our clients a competitive edge as they work through the most important stages of building their businesses.


Profit & Loss

Managing and optimizing your P&L is essential for any growing business. In these sessions, we will do a deep dive on your company’s financials and processes to optimize capital expenditure for maximum performance. We will review your current forecast and strategic priorities to help you make sure your expenses are aligned for profitable growth.


Market Fit

We are acutely aware of the work that goes into preparing to launch a new product or service and the amount often riding on its success. In these sessions, we will review your current product market fit and help you to identify the best way to monetize your product, pinpoint key market segments and industries, and fine-tune your pricing strategy to ensure you achieve your goals.


Prep 101

Fundraising is one of the most high pressure — and exciting — times for a company, where so much is riding on how you present your business. From pitch strategy and deck optimization to understanding the key indicators that investment is the correct path for you, we’re here to help you prepare for the exploratory phase before going to market for a raise.


Rapid Scale

Whether you’ve just closed your first round of funding or you’re a business looking to take it to the next level, our rapid scale program is optimized to meet your specific needs. In these sessions we will guide you through the best ways to continue to sustainably scale your business.



As certified, experienced executive coaches, our executive development coaching is designed to help leaders navigate the core operational obstacles faced by every business and is tailored to your specific needs.


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