So, How Does it Actually Work?

Our sales acceleration solution is designed to help your business flourish.

What to Expect

Working with Revium

We begin each engagement with an 20-week pilot period which is broken into three phases. Throughout the pilot, we will have regular meetings with you and your team to review progress, share learnings and prep for any upcoming meetings booked by your Revium team. At the end of the pilot period, you can expect to have a stacked, predictable pipeline so we can focus on your next phase of growth.

  • Phase 1
    Phase 1
    Week 1-2
    • Onboarding call
    • Ideal Client Persona (ICP) development
    • ICP harvesting and approval
    • Strategy design and approval
    • Campaign launch
  • Week 3-10
    • Execute campaign, focus on initial ICP target companies
    • Begin calibrated calling
    • Conduct ongoing campaign refinement and optimization
    • Qualify engaged prospects
    • Schedule meetings with confirmed Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs, as defined in week 1)
    • Provide pre—call playbook
    • Harvest and approve expanded ICP segment
    • Prepare scaling strategy for additional target segments
  • Phase 2
    Phase 2
    Week 11-15
    • Leverage learnings from Phase 1 to target expanded ICP companies
    • Conduct ongoing campaign refinement and optimization
    • Qualify engaged prospects
    • Schedule meetings with confirmed SQLs
    • Provide pre—call playbook
  • Phase 3
    Phase 3
    week 16-20
    • Leverage learnings from Phase 1 & 2 to optimize strategy
    • Increase focus on long-term business goals
    • Conduct ongoing campaign refinement and optimization
    • Qualify engaged prospects
    • Schedule meetings with confirmed SQLs
    • Provide pre—call playbook
The Revium Process

Tech + Talent + Tailored Approach

Revium enables clients to launch highly-personalized, sequenced campaigns, tailored to their ideal target audiences in as little as 14 days from onboarding. Clients can expect a predictable sales pipeline within 20 weeks.

  • 01


    We’ve spent years perfecting our onboarding process to ensure we have a comprehensive knowledge transfer from your team to ours, in the most efficient and low-lift way possible for you. The session enables us to get to know and understand your business, how you work and your culture. During this meeting we will:

    • Learn about your company, your product, communication style and ways of working
    • Identify and align on shared objectives, metrics and what success looks like
    • Collaborate to understand and develop your ideal customer persona (ICP)
    • Workshop peripheral industry applications
    • Review sales material and calibrate if needed
    • Learn what hasn’t worked
  • 02



    Every industry and client is unique so we build a detailed engagement strategy from the ground up, specific to your needs. During this stage we will:

    • Identify short-term revenue needs and longer-term strategic goals
    • Develop a multi-channel sequenced outreach plan to maximise engagement
    • Once campaigns are launched, review performance at regular intervals to ensure optimal results
  • 03

    Identify Intent


    When looking for a product or service, prospects conduct a lot of their research online using various different search engines and platforms. We collect their trail of breadcrumbs to identify prospects who specifically need your product/service and guide them to you directly. This ensures that:

    • You only meet with prospects who are actively searching for the solution you offer
    • Your time is maximized to increase your chance of converting prospects
    • Your company’s reputation is not damaged by “spray and pray” tactics
    • Your prospecting tool is Revium, so no need for an expensive data-platform license
  • 04

    Engage & Qualify


    Our data proves that it is essential to connect on a personal level with prospects in order to stand out from the crowd. While this may sound basic, doing it at a scale large enough to build a continuous pipeline was almost impossible before Revium. Our patent-pending Revium technology enables us to:

    • Leverage prospects’ digital footprint to create hyper-personalized messaging strategies for email, LinkedIn, text messaging and cold calling scripts
    • Execute sophisticated, personalized multi-channel outreach campaigns
    • Identify prospects’ communication style and optimize responses for conversion
    • Ensure you only meet with sales qualified leads (SQLs)
  • 05

    Book & Call Prep


    We take care of getting the meeting on the books, but we know this is only half the battle. To ensure your pitch is optimized to convert, ahead of every meeting we book we arm you with a comprehensive playbook including:

    • Best-in-class prospect analysis reports
    • Prospect personality profile with advice on how to pitch during the call
    • Detailed information on prospect’s preferred communication style
    • Tips for follow up communications
Helping Businesses Flourish

Our Numbers Speak for Themselves

  • $1B+ Pipeline Growth We get you in the room, so you can focus on closing the deal
  • 420% Average Client ROI Our clients begin to see revenue in weeks, not months.
  • 325% Increase in SQLs We connect you with the right people at the right time.
  • 33% Faster Sales Cycle We help you reach your revenue goals faster than ever before.
We are Revium

What Makes Us Different

We’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to. Revium is a sales platform designed by salespeople for salespeople, we understand what it takes to take your company to the next level.

Supercharge Your Sales Process With Revium